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Affairs and Marriages

We have been thinking and talking even more about affairs lately with our clients and with each other.  The governor of South Carolina is bringing this issue once more into the press and therefore into thoughts and conversations.

Some of the questions we hear are:

  • Does everyone do this?
  • Why does his wife stay with him?
  • How can he ever be trusted again, particularly as news of other liaisons emerge?

There are no formulas for why people have affairs.  Some happen as a result of problems in a marriage while others happen because of problems within the person who has been unfaithful.

Many people have remarked that they feel very sorry for Jenny Sanford as her husband talks about his “soul mate” and states that he “will try to fall back in love with his wife”.   Clearly, Governor Sanford is nowhere near where he needs to be to work on his marriage and it will probably take him a while to get there, if he ever does.  Multiple affairs and a lack of accepting responsibility for his behavior do not bode well for the marriage.

We have several articles about affairs on our website and invite you to read them.  Meanwhile, we welcome a discussion about this here.


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