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Dating Advice: “Getting To Know You” Questions For Relationships

Dating is about having fun and getting to know different people.  Many also have an “end goal” in mind, to find someone special with whom to develop an intimate, loving and eventually permanent relationship.  This article offers dating advice for how to evaluate possible dates.

In dating, some think that they need to do a “sales job” to convince the other person that they are interesting, attractive and a good catch.  Our dating advice is that dating should not about finding someone who likes you nearly as much as it should be about finding someone who is a good fit for YOU.  This involves sharing about yourself but it also means finding out about the other person.

When you are just getting to know someone, it’s flattering to ask them a lot about themselves.  Most people love to talk about themselves so, sound dating advice is to refrain from pounding them with questions but feel free to ask away as you get to know them.

Your main goal at the beginning stage of any relationship is to find out if you have enough in common to explore a friendship with the possibility of deepening the relationship.  You also want to have some idea of whether or not this person is someone that you can trust and with whom you want to spend your valuable time.

Certainly, questions are not the only way to get to know someone.  Experiences and activities together can also give you lots of clues.   We have written an article on some good questions to ask yourself as well as to ask someone that you are getting to know.  Click here to read our article and learn more about suggestions for how to think about whether or not to pursue a dating relationship.

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October 28, 2009 - Posted by | conversation starters, Dating, dating advice

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