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Research Results About the Impact of Affairs on Marriage

Peggy Vaughn, a leading author (“The Monogomy Myth) and speaker about affairs, has just released a free e-book based on her research with over 1,000 couples impacted by an affair.

Some of her findings were:

  • The deception is often harder to recover from than the sexual act.
  • 76% of couples who experience affairs remain together.
  • It is essential to answer questions about the details of the affair or affairs in order to rebuild trust.
  • For the majority of the time, when an affair is discovered, it is not the first affair.  This is sort of like a speeding ticket.  You rarely receive one the first time that you exceed the speed limit.
  • Affairs have a lasting impact on the betrayed partner and, even after getting to the point of forgiveness, there are lasting scars.
  • It is quite rare for the person having the affair to divorce a spouse and marry an affair partner.
  • Many couples experiencing an affair saw more than one therapist.  The best results were achieved when the therapist dealt directly with the affair and helped the couple to openly talk about the affair rather than putting it in the past.

Want to read this e-book?  It is geared toward therapists but has stories and comments from several couples who experienced an affair or affairs in their marriage.  Click here to download this free e-book.


September 22, 2010 - Posted by | affairs, cheating spouse, infidelity

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