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10 Strategies for Stepmothers It is Possible, But Not Easy, to be Successful as a Stepmother

Stepmothers start off with hills to climb.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word, “stepmother”?  Evil? Wicked?  Mean?

More people think of Cinderella’s and Snow White’s stepmothers then Carol Brady of the Brady Bunch.  Hard to get a break when you start off in a tough space.

Sometimes women who are stepmothers start off on the wrong foot as well.  They may have unrealistic expectations for their new family and try too hard to create a close family long before the children are ready.  Disappointment and frustration with these new children, along with what is often a very unclear role definition, may make it hard to find a stepmother to really find her place in this family.

Stepmothers often assume and, it is assumed, that they will handle much of the day-to-day parenting.  What a job to handle right out of the starting gate!

Attempts to discipline and handle problems are met with resentment and challenge, sometimes not supported by the natural parent, and can lead to many hard times and hurt feelings.

Being a stepmother to her husband’s daughter has its own special challenges.  It can be extremely emotionally complicated when there is more than one female who wants a man’s attention, not to mention tension between and within mothers, stepmothers and daughters.

Click here to read the 10 strategies for successful stepmothers.

March 8, 2011 - Posted by | Blended family, Remarried family, Step Family, Stepchildren, Stepmothers

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