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Successful Stepfamilies

  • Do you wonder if your stepfamily will ever “blend”?
  • Do you know what happens in a “healthy” stepfamily?
  • How will you know when you and your family can say “we will have smoother sailing from here”?

Stepfamilies, as all families, are constantly evolving and changing.  None of them are exactly alike but healthy ones are more alike in many ways.  In this article, you will read about some of the characteristics of healthy step families.

Many of these qualities are similar to biological families. Some, however, are unique to families that have come together through a marriage where at least one of the partners already has children.

Healthy step families:

1.  Tolerate differences in ideas and desires and respect those differences along with those who hold them. There are no dictators of any sort or in any generation.  Certainly, there are leaders and adults who are responsible for overall family life, which sometimes involve unpopular decisions, but they recognize the importance of collaboration and respect.

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