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Transitioning from Being Single to Being Half of a Couple: The Top 3 Perpetual Issues

It can be a hard transition, moving from being single and independent, to being half of a couple.  In my practice this week, I have seen 3 different couples who are struggling with just this issue.

For the couples this week, the major challenge has been to decide what happens with relationships with former lovers.  Many people today form close connections with those that they date.  They often have a history together which usually precedes the current relationship.  Sexual interest may no longer be present; however, the emotional connection with the former lover can feel threatening to the new partner.

Making decisions as a couple about how to shift loyalties (or in some cases, whether or not to even make that change) is often grounds for conflict. Those who are in the ongoing friendship may believe that it is harmless and innocent and often a very significant friendship.  The other half of the couple may be concerned that it will “blossom again” or he or she feels excluded and an outsider even if included in their activities.

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July 1, 2011 - Posted by | Dating, dating advice, men and dating

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