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8 Ways to Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Couples who experience an affair in their marriage often feel as if their very foundation was destroyed. The revelation of an affair is a traumatic event and healing takes a long time.

Can you really “affair-proof” your marriage? Yes, and I want to share some tips for how you and your partner can do that together.

I have seen many couples in my practice and, while most of these couples do have difficulties, many find ways to work through their problems while also remaining faithful. Here are some of the ways that they make it happen.

1.  Start with the attitude of being certain that you will not stray.

Begin with the belief that you will guard against any relationship with another person that could lead to an affair, either an emotional one or a sexual affair.

Recognize that there are many people who are attractive and might be quite attractive to or attracted by you. That’s human nature.

In order to affair-proof your marriage, shake hands with this idea but also make sure that the door is not open to exploring or taking it any further than noticing it … because you KNOW that you will not follow up on any inappropriate relationship outside of your marriage.

2. Establish clear boundaries with your partner.   Avoid Temptation.

Limit your contact with people of the opposite sex or, if you are attracted to those of the same sex, be careful.

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October 20, 2011 - Posted by | affairs, cheating spouse, infidelity

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