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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Asking for a Divorce


Unhappy in your marriage? Don’t move too quickly to ask for your partner for a divorce. There are several things that you should consider. Slow down and make sure that you have thought things through.


Here are five questions to ask yourself before you ask your partner for a divorce.


1. Is my brain thinking normally?

Or is my brain clouded by another person or desire for the single life?

We know that there is actually a change in brain chemistry for folks who have an affair. This change in brain chemistry brings about amazing feelings of euphoria or the belief in finally having found a soul-mate. As with all new relationships, this change does not last. Eventually calmness and normalcy return. It is only during a time of calm and normal brain processing that someone should even consider a divorce.


The same can hold true for a mid-life crisis. At certain stages in one’s adult life, there is often a period of wondering “what if? … “ and mentally or actually playing around with the idea of exploring a single life and new relationships. If this might be the case with you, a change in your marital status may not be the solution to the underlying angst. There are many different ways to explore change. Ending your marriage is a pretty drastic move. 

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October 27, 2011 - Posted by | Divorce, marriage

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  1. Divorce can be a tumultuous time and if not managed properly, can be one of the most financially devastating life events. The process can be emotional and intense and the financial decisions you make during this time might be some of the most important economic decisions of your life. It is imperative to understand your complete financial situation. Knowledge and preparation will be crucial to your creating a sound financial agreement.

    Comment by Jed Baher | March 25, 2013 | Reply

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