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Can An Affair Be A Gift For A Marriage?

Not all affairs happen in bad marriages and affairs usually cause a good marriage to go bad.

Affairs happen for a myriad of reasons.  Technology today makes it way too easy to fall into something before you even realize it has happened.  (One recent research study noted that facebook was mentioned in about 1/3 of divorce cases.)

More and more people are getting reconnected to sweethearts from their past and renewing old acquaintances, reliving old memories and sharing stories which can lead to feelings that seem to be, or actually are, feelings of love.

Partners can take each other for granted and forget to nurture the relationship.  It is also very easy, with busy lives, to avoid working through conflicts and disagreements which lead to stored-up anger, hurt and resentment.

Whether a bad marriage opened a door for an affair or facebook or a reunion or just “being in the same place at the same time” led someone in a good marriage to have an affair, marriages and the people who are in them, are in need of a great deal of healing.

Affairs Can Open Doors For Healing

An affair is not a gift that anyone would ask for … but such a strong and painful wake-up call that often causes couples to recognize the state of their marriage and determine and define what they want and need to have a healthy, viable and faithful relationship.

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Tip of the Week

People don’t just fall out of love in a marriage.  If love dies, it is because they did not make their marriage a priority.

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Friends and Marriage

Good friends, especially couple friends, can be very good for a relationship.  They can be playmates, sounding boards, and support through tough times. Some friendships enhance a couple’s relationship; however, while others seem to steer things off in the wrong direction.

It is important to pay attention to your friendships and decide if they are ones that will support you through your lives together or promote heading in a different direction and away from your marriage.

You can learn a lot from others who are going through or have gone through some of the same struggles that you experience.  What a relief it is to know that you are not alone in the struggles of parenting or dealing with career and family or aging parents … whatever stage of life you are in at the time.

Think about the relationships that you and your partner have right now and see if you can determine what category they might fall in to.

Friends That Enhance a Marriage

Cultivate friendships with couples who are glad to be a listening ear and yet will always direct you back to your partner to work through problems.  Sometimes, talking out loud about situations in your relationship can help you to calm down and develop a better perspective on a situation.  At other times, sharing with someone who has gone through a similar problem, can offer suggestions for solutions.

Friends who will also encourage you to work through problems with your spouse are good supporters for the marriage.

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Counseling Relationships Online

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