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Tip of the Week

Give your spouse or partner the same benefit of the doubt that you do for a child.  remember_when_image042Recognize that if he is cranky or she is a bit sharp, it may be because she or he has had a hard day, did not sleep, is hungry or bothered by something that has nothing to do with you.

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Is It Nagging … or Is It Motivational Speaking?

Or are you just caught up in a terrible downward spiral going nowhere fast?

That awful cycle of complaining and withdrawing and both feeling controlled shows up in many marriages that we see at Couples Counseling of Louisville and couples that we talk with through Counseling Relationships Online.

Nagging, or making the same request over and over again, usually does not get the desired result.  Instead, it generally leads to a downward spiral with negative thoughts and feelings about each other and withdrawing, feeling discounted, misunderstood, controlled or unimportant.

Many people don’t realize that nagging can lead to more divorces than affairs because nagging leads to negativity throughout the relationship.
Here is the story of one couple who really started out in a good place.  Problems crept in over time as they each set different priorities for their weekends and had different ideas about common marital differences like neatness vs. messiness.

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Tip of the Week

Give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

We give our children the benefit of the doubt.  If they are cranky or fussy we often think that they must be hungry, sleepy or not feeling well.

Find ways to re-think your partner’s behavior in a more understanding light.  Notice the difference in how you think about him or her.

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