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“I Am Not In Love Anymore!”

Love and marriage do not always go together.  Sometimes feelings of love seem to evaporate. We frequently hear these words “I love him (her) but I am NOT IN LOVE with him (her). In this article, we want to talk about the reasons why people make this statement and say that they are not in love any more.

Why DO people fall out of love?  

It is very distressing to become aware of these feelings, “not in love” and really not know what with what to do to change them.

A lot of people contact our counseling center about love and marriage.  They report that they have fallen out of love with their spouse, or believe that their spouse is no longer in love with them.

The words we often hear are “I love him (her) but I am not in love with him (her),” most often with a disbelief that these feelings can change. One of the places to start is to begin to understand a little about how those feelings eroded within the marriage.

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Tip of the Week

It is about listening“It is not about the nail” … How many times have men been told that they need to listen and not try to solve the problem.

Here is a humorous video to bring the point home.   Click here to view the video. 

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