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5 Questions for Couples to Deepen Intimacy and Connection

There are ways to deepen your connection in a relationship. Here are 5 to get you started.

  1. What is one secret wish that you have but have kept a secret from everyone but yourself?
  2. If your best friend were here and I asked her, what 3 qualities do you like most about you, what would he say?
  3. What frightens you?
  4. What really gets you excited?
  5. If you could have dinner with anyone at all, living or dead, who would you choose … and why?

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3 Quick Tips for Dealing with the Stress of the Current Political Situation

We hear it from our clients and feel it in our own lives. The stress of the current divisiveness and violence in today’s political climate is seeping in to the well-being of many relationships and the health of many others.

Here are 3 things that you can do to help yourself now …

Get involved. Pick an issue that is important and find one way to get involved. Take a stand. Be clear, not attacking or defensive. Rather than feeling victimized by the large picture. Determine one issue, situation or person where you might have an impact and invest in it.

Take a break from the news. Don’t become “uninformed”, just find ways to keep it contained to certain times of your consciousness. Enjoy your family and friends. Get outside. Watch movies or comedies. You and your life are bigger than this situation.

Meditate. Look for peace and calm in your mind and in your heart. Don’t let this affect your health or your relationships.

We have survived other horrible times. We will survive this as well.

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