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Depression and Exercise: Lace Up Those Walking Shoes!

Another article has been written about the benefits of aerobic exercise as an antidote for depression as well as highly beneficial for calming anxiety.

Have you ever noticed yourself and worry?  Certainly, taking a long walk or going for a run or bike ride can calm many a mind.  It has for me!

A friend, Jenny, recently was really struggling with a tough decision in her life.  Her struggle and her worry made her feel depressed.  The depression made it hard for her to even think clearly about what she needed to do with her dilemma.

Someone suggested to Jenny that she enroll in a spin class at their local gym and she did.  Jenny said that it was really hard for her to begin but she found that after a few minutes, she really liked it.

I ran into Jenny about 3 weeks after she began this 3 times a week class and found her to be a much different woman.  She was happier, stronger and moving forward on a very scary journey with an amazing return to her old self-confidence.

We are big proponents of exercise and encourage you to consider adding some to your life.

Want to read more about this?  Here is a link to the Time article.

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