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Marriage and Depression

Does depression cause problems in a marriage or do problems in a marriage cause depression?  Answer:  Yes and Yes.

When half of a couple is depressed, the relationship suffers.  Sometimes the relationship suffers and then one of the partners becomes depressed.

Stress in a Marriage When One of the Partners is Depressed

Depression in one person affects those around and involved with him or her.  It touches the quality of each member‘s life, as well as their thoughts about the depressed person and their overall happiness with the relationship.

Those who are depressed are generally apathetic, sad, tired, and negative.  They have little energy for the tasks and pleasures of couple and family life.  Much of what they talk about is negative and even those experiences that might be seen as neutral or positive may become negative when seen through the lens of depression.

Normal responsibilities and relationship tasks are not handled.  Partners and older children often find themselves picking up the slack as they notice what is not happening.  Spouses do a lot of things on their own without the depressed partner.  All of these changes in the family dynamic can lead to feelings of resentment and anger.

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