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7 Habits of Successful Wives

pexels-photo-945879.jpegEver wonder how some women manage to be part of a successful marriage? Tree are certain things that they know are important in their marriage. Here are seven habits of successful wives have in common.

  1. Successful wives recognize that, even though she has a female best friend, she makes sure that her husband understands that he and their relationship supersedes that friendship.

Let him know that he is a priority. This does not mean that you abandon your women friends, it simply means that you think about him first.

  1. Successful wives flirt with their husband.

Not only will it make him feel good, I will make you feel better as well.

  1. Successful wives are physically affectionate … using lots of hugs, kisses and touches.

Physical touch is very important in a relationship. Even if you were not reared with a lot of touch, stretch yourself.

  1. Successful wives are genuinely positive. They acknowledge their husband’s efforts. Thank him for things that he does for her and for the family, even if she feel like he is not thanking her enough, successful wives will thank their spouse.

Do your best to refrain from keeping score. Find ways to acknowledge … every day what you like and appreciate about your spouse.

  1. Successful wives find activities that they can do together. They might watch a sports game, attend an athletic event or engage in something that he enjoys.

Women appreciate conversation. Men often most appreciate having a playmate or a partner.

  1. Successful wives are kind to their husbands family.

Even though they may not be your favorite folks, they are his family and important to him. Limit your negative comments or complaints about them and, if you need his support on something, do your best to ask it as a positive request.

  1. Successful wives, rather than complaining, find ways to notice when their partner is making efforts and acknowledges them. When a successful wife does need to bring up a complaint, she finds a way to be soft about it and allow him some time to mull it over before expecting a response.

Are there habits of successful wives that you think should be added to this list? Please share your thoughts.

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5 Ways to Renew Your Marriage

As the new year unfolds, consider these habits to use to revive and/or solidify your connection. It is so easy to take each other and your lives for granted, sometimes just holding down your head to get through it. That is never good for a relationship. While you don’t need to spend enormous amounts of energy on the relationship, here are some ideas to make the time that you are together count.

1. Develop rituals to use to come together at the end of the day.
Rituals used regularly connect people with each other. Finding ways to de-stress and de-brief helps fill in love map’s and supports the friendship and can aid in romance.

2. Focus on and acknowledge the positives.
The more that you talk about what you like, the more likely it is that your partner will repeat what is liked. The more you notice and acknowledge what is good about your partner, the more likely it is that you will even …maybe … come to like them even a little better.

3. Have weekly conversations about the state of the relationship.
No relationship is perfect. There are times that you need to talk about problems or complain. Choosing a time to have a “state of the marriage” conversation can be beneficial. A good way to set it up is to first talk about what you like and want more of and then to talk about what complaints or changes you need.

4. Plan weekly dates.
Get away from the every day, mundane activities, children and chores. Be sure to go somewhere different whenever you can. New experiences are good for bonding.

5. Know what is going on in your partner’s life.
Be curious and interested. Ask about their day. Listen to their stories and stresses.

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Couples Therapy: Can It Help?

  • Problems in your marriage?
  • Unhappy with where things are right now between you and your partner?
  • Wonder if couples therapy might make a difference?

What do you have to lose?  Facing up to the situation and owning your part in it can be a step in the right direction.

remember_when_image042Most couples wait a long time after a problem develops before they ever ask for help.  Research shows that problems may go on for 6 years before a couple either asks for help or ends the marriage.

The longer that a problem goes on, the more likely it is that positive feelings and behaviors will erode and disappear.  Couples therapy may be able to help you resolve the problems that you are experiencing.

A skilled and knowledgeable couples therapist can provide a safe haven to talk about the hardest of issues and can teach you the skills to be able to carry on those conversations at home.

Good marriage counselors do not want their couples to hang around forever.  They want them to be able to be successful on their own.

Here are some good reasons to see a couples therapist.

Click here to read the article “Couples Therapy: Can It Help?”

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Jobs, Children and Marriage: 10 Ways to Keep Love Alive

During the early years of marriage, couples focus on building a nest, settling into careers and having children.

It is too easy, after the knot is tied, to focus less on the relationship and more on the job or the children which is why the divorce rate is so high for this time in a couple‘s life.  It is not that spouses love each other less, it is more because they find themselves drawn in other directions and away from each other.

Things can erode before anyone recognizes what happens.  Neither spouse is usually the “bad one”.  The distancing usually just happens as life evolves.

As couples grow apart by failing to nurture the marriage, they open themselves up for one or both to become unhappy and lonely.  Problems don’t get resolved, fun dissipates and opportunities for affairs or enjoying the single life with friends and colleagues can become more interesting than what is happening at home.

Put away techology and focus on each other to protect your relationship.

We have 10 ways to keep the love alive and make your marriage a priority.

1.  Have a technology free-zone.
Cell phones, face book, video games … all are distractions for intimacy and have their own inherent problems.  Designate a period of time each day to put the technology away and enjoy each other and the relationship.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

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Discover Seven Ways to Reconnect With Your Partner

I often meet with couples who complain about growing apart as the challenges of daily living lure them into routines that leave little time for focusing on the relationship.  This, coupled with the new and added stress of technology, invites people to be more involved with things other than their marriage.

Connecting with your partner is crucial to the stability of any marriage.  It doesn’t take a lot of time to fan the flames of the relationship.  In fact, research studies by John Gottman, PhD found that a simple 5 hours a week can make a difference in the quality of a couple’s relationship.

Here are 7 suggestions for ways to reconnect with your partner.

1.  Find some way to connect with each other, even if it is only briefly, before you begin your day.  Share a kiss and a bit about the plan for your day.  If possible, have breakfast together, even if the children are rushing around with you.  Spoon a few minutes before getting out of bed in the morning and make sure that you are not always the small spoon.

Click here to read the rest of the article “Discover 7 Ways to Reconnect With Your Partner”.

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5 Tips For Falling Back in Love

“We seem to be just roommates … and have lost the good feelings that we once had.”

“I love him but I am not in love with him.”


“We seem to have lost that spark and I do not have those same feelings for her any more.”


Those are words … and feelings … that go through the minds and hearts of almost all of those who are involved in long-term relationships.  It is rare for both partners in a couple to have those same warm and connected feelings all of the time.   And, yes, it is possible to fall back in love with your spouse.

Sometimes, hearing those words from a spouse can mean an affair …either emotionally or sexually.  An attraction to someone else brings excitement and a marital partner generally cannot measure up to the thrill of newness and the thrill of risk and secrecy.  If infidelity is the issue, the challenges are much more complex and require stepping away from the affair before feelings of being in love can even begin to return.

Often feeling and thoughts of losing love; however, are more about taking each other for granted, devoting more time to career, children, social lives or other activities that prevent prioritizing the marriage and nurturing the couple relationship.  When partners do not nurture their relationship, they tend to become distant and feel more lonely and isolated.

Click here to read the 5 tips for falling back in love.

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4. Think About Your Partner During The Day

4.  Think about your spouse as you go about your daily life.  Make it a habit to just think about your spouse and what he or she might like as you go about your day.  If there are small things that you think of, find a way to make it happen.

We often give or do for others what we want for ourselves.  It is better for the relationship when we think about what the other person might want and give them that.

Let your spouse know that you are thinking about him or her today in some small way.

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Eight Ways To Be A Better Half

We want to offer you eight suggestions to be a better spouse.  Marriages improve and stay healthier when even one person makes efforts.  You can try all of these ideas at once or just one at a time.  (It does take 6 weeks for something to become a habit, you know.)

We will share a different idea every day, along with a suggestion or two for how you might use them in your relationship.

Here is the tip for today.

1.   Appreciate the good things about your spouse and let him or her know about it frequently.

The more that you talk about what you like, the more you get what you like.  People are more likely to do more of what they are told is good than to change what they are told is wrong.

Besides, when you focus on what you like in your spouse, you are more likely to have positive feelings about them.

Try today to find 3 things to tell your partner, either with words or with your actions, that you like.

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Tips For A Happy Marriage

Happy marriages are made, they do not just happen.   Truly happy marriages require effort, energy and work.

Some people find easy mates and have the ability to naturally be a part of a happy marriage.  Most of us have to make a conscious decision to be an active partner in a happy marriage.

We have been working with couples for many years.  Here are some of the tips that we have learned from them as well as from our own reading and learning.

Seven tips for a happy marriage.

1.  Recognize that disagreements are normal and healthy.  Appreciate the fact that you are different people with different ideas, interests and needs.  Celebrate the differences.

2.  Become acquainted with your emotions and emotionality.  Recognize when you become upset, angry, hurt or disappointed and find ways to talk about those emotions with a calm and respectful tone.  If you are too upset to talk, take a break until you calm down and can think and talk clearly.

3.  Celebrate your emotions and emotionality, especially when they are positive.  Share your happiness, pleasure and appreciation with each other.  Research on healthy couples report a 5:1 ratio of positives to negatives.  (John Gottman, PhD).  When there are 5 positives for every one negative, then it is much easier to get through the difficult times.

4.  Share affection with each other many times a day, with your words, with your arms, with your lips and with your body.  Signs of affection are very important in a happy marriage.

5.  Talk with each other about what is happening in your life, in your job, in your family, with friends.  Share fears, hopes and dreams.  Let your partner be your best friend.

6.  Respect you partner. If you find that there is nothing to respect, talk with someone professional and objective; otherwise, talk and act in respectful ways.  Act as you want to be treated.

7.  Never take your spouse for granted or put your marriage on autopilot.

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Tip of the Week, May 31, 2009

couples pictureRemember when … Look at a picture, watch a video, remember a happier time together.  Revisit all of the good memories and talk about what happened then … what each of you did to help make that a special time.  Dissect what you did and what you most appreciated about your partner and what he or she did that made that a special time.  As you notice softer, kinder and better feelings slowly come. Talk about how to keep them alive in the present.

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