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Women, Sex and Thinking: Discover 3 New Ways to Think Your Way to a Better Sex Life

Many healthy men think about sex several times a day.

Many healthy women think about sex several times a month.

That, in and of itself, causes sexual problems for men and women.  Men often want sex a lot more frequently than women want sex.  Neither is happy with the process and the tension that it can create in a relationship as a man pursues his wife and his wife feels pressured.  Each of them feels like a loser, even though they have different reasons.

(Disclaimer:  In some relationships, it is exactly the opposite … Women are much more interested in sex than their male partners.  Nothing is “always” or “never”.)

The reasons that many women have less interest in sex than their partners are complicated.  Much more complicated than we will explore in this brief article.  Check back with us for more on this topic at a later date and we will discuss women, men and intimacy as well as other related topics.

We want to address just one of the reasons why women are less interested in sex.  It comes from a woman’s innate ability to multi-task.  This means that she is thinking about and often doing, many things at once.

When one’s mind and body are so busy, how can a woman possibly relax and think about and enjoy a hot rendezvous with her husband!

We have all heard jokes … or experienced first hand … the many different things that go through a woman’s mind while having sex.  (Hard to call it “making love” sometimes.)

  • Laundry
  • Dinner
  • Errands
  • Work
  • Problems with children
  • And on and on.

The person who loses most when this occurs is the woman.  The emotional and physical rewards of being in-the-moment and sharing lovemaking with a partner are many.  Researchers have noted the positive hormonal changes in brain chemistry after sex as well as the effects on the ability to handle stress.

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