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10 Things That A Woman Should Do Before She Gets Married

Here are our suggestions for what a woman should experience before saying “I Do”.  What about you?  What would you add to the list?

1.  Live on her own for at least one year.

2.  Travel to interesting places with someone other than her “intended.”

3.  Be financially self-sufficient.  Get rid of any significant credit card debt and make a big dent in any student loans.

4.  Have good friends of both sexes.

Photo by Todd Turner

5.  Recover from a broken heart.

6.  Get rid of all ghosts and demons from past relationships.

7.  Know how to stand up for herself in important relationships.

8.  Understand her relationship with anger.

9.  Have at least two other significant relationships and understand why they did not work out for her.

10.  Like, really like, herself.  Know her strengths and accept her imperfections.

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