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6 Strategies for Easing the Holiday Blues

Are you alone and lonely over the Christmas Holidays?
Do you look with sadness on those who seem to be happy with their lives and feel that yours is empty?
Do you dread the looming, empty New Years Eve?
Do the holiday blues seem stronger than ever before?

Holidays can produce a time of loneliness and sadness for many people who regularly experience the holiday blues.

What causes the holiday blues?

The causes of holiday blues are varied.  Sometimes they are caused by childhood experiences which seem to always bring a pall of sadness over the season.  No matter how you try to shake it, memories, smells, sights and sounds seem to bring on sadness.

Jean could not understand why, but every time she smelt a cinnamon candle, she found herself feeling sad.  She remembered that her mother always burned a candle over the holidays and they were not happy times for her.

Tom hated Christmas Eve.  His father would always begin his celebration by drinking heavily and the family pretty much expected him to become abusive and angry for the rest of the holiday.

At other times, holiday blues are brought on by a change in life.  Divorce or death of a spouse impacts in so many ways.  Death of a parent or close friend can also be hard to handle at any time but especially over the holidays.

Moves from home, living alone, a change in health or friendships can also impact happiness and bring on the holiday blues.

Is the best strategy to beat the holiday blues to just keep your head down and plunge through?

Usually, that is not the best approach.  There is no one right answer for how to handle the holiday blues but there are some strategies that can have an impact.  We will be sharing them over the next few days.  We would also be interested in your experiences so please share them here with all of us.

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